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 Stall Bar

The name Stall Bar
A stall bar is a piece of gymnastic apparatus used for corrective and strengthening exercises

The Stall Bar is an amazing training tool. By using a Stall Bar you can build strength and flexibility. And that is what we love. The Stall Bar reminds us of high school gym classes, childhood memories, freedom of movement. The perfect name and symbol for our mobility and bodyweight training method. "Stall Bar, Mobility & Bodyweight Training"

Stall Bar is created in 2020. Our goal is to help people to move better by creating programs which will improve flexibility and strength. Starting with the basics. Working from the bottom healthy feet to a total healthy body.

We are offering Mobility (small) group training online and offline and strength training. But if you prefer to work 1-on1 than this is also a possibility.

Our mobility training is inspired by the science of flexibility and is also influenced by Functional Range Conditioning FRC®, a trademarked system of mobility and joint control training. Our bodyweight strength training is inspired by CrossFit gymnastics.

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